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New Quails cage… It can also be used for Rabbits, Chicks or other animals

* Easy to clean Galvanized drip pans
* Egg roll out tray you don’t even have to open the cage to get the eggs this is for the quails

The water system comes with:
* Valve for you to flush the system
* Compression coupling to separate the bucket for cleaning purposing
*See-thru ( natural color )bucket so you can see how much water left on your water system.

All new material
Size: 2.5 deep by 6.5 feet long each level

Each level can comfortable host 48 Quails

Total of quails per cage
1 Level cage 48
2 Level cage 96
3 Level cage 144

We can make them smaller or bigger and up to 3 levels

1 Level cage 235
2 Level cage 345
3 Level cage 485

We can add water and feeder systems (This are not included in the cage price if you are interested please contact us for price)
We can custom made the cages to fit your needs

When you ask for price please let us know if you want it for Rabbits or quails so we can help you better …

Check back soon we’ll be adding more pictures of the cages.


Quails, Rabbits


1, 2, 3

Feeders per level

No, 1, 2

Water system

No, 1, 2


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